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Corporate Watch
c/o Freedom Press
Angel Alley
84b Whitechapel High Street
London, E1 7QX
t: +44 (0)207 426 0005
e: contact[at]corporatewatch.org
Statement of Aims

Corporate Watch is a small independent not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals. We aim to expose the mechanisms by which corporations function and the detrimental effects they have on society and the environment as an inevitable result of their current legal structure.

Corporate Watch strives for a society that is ecologically sustainable, democratic, equitable and non-exploitative. Progress towards such a society may, in part, be achieved through dismantling the vast economic and political power of corporations and developing ecologically and socially just alternatives to the present economic system.

Towards these ends, Corporate Watch:

  1. Conducts research and analysis, raises awareness and contributes to public debate and education.
  2. Aims to empower community groups that are concerned with economic developments and corporate interests that threaten their communities' quality of life.
  3. Supports the work of public interest and educational groups.

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Corporate Watch website is created by tincan.

The Cause of Some Confusion: By a truly extraordinary coincidence there used to be two organisations in the world known as Corporate Watch. At the same time as this Corporate Watch was restarted in 1996, a brand new web-site was set up in the USA under the same title. It is an excellent campaign resource, entirely independent of this Corporate Watch and is well worth seeing. CorpWatch (as it is now called) can be found at: www.corpwatch.org

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